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Rat Freaked Out By Homeless Man On The Subway

Alright, alright. I know we’ve all seen this video. And, no, I’m not finding it for the first time now. But I will put my two cents in regardless of how late those two cents are.

Basically this poor rat gets on the subway after (I’m sure) paying $2.25 at the turnstile and he’s just trying to find a way to reach a seat. This rat must be no higher than an inch or two off the ground and, we all know, the MTA doesn’t care about the disabled, the vertically challenged or rats – just like they don’t care about us normals.

ANYWAY, the rat gets on the subway and this dude with a video camera or an iPhone just gets all up in this rats grill! The video clearly shows that, just like a celebrity, the rat is just trying to get away from this rodent Paparazzo. Maybe the camera dude thought this rat was Patton Oswalt but the poor rat was clearly just looking for some privacy. In the heat of the moment, the rat saw a way up onto a seat before the rat realizes, “EW! It’s a bum! NOW I am filthy and who knows what sort of diseases the New York ones carry!”

On top of all the rat has just gone through, the homeless guy shoves the poor little fella’ back down to the floor. What a terrible day this rat was having! And before I receive hate mail for my insensitivity to the homeless, ask yourself this question: Would YOU rather nestle with a cute little rat or a homeless dude in NYC?

I rest my case.

Posted February 4th, 2011

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